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Thank you for visiting The Red Lotus. If you are reading this, you are looking for guidance, answers or healing. Whatever your needs are at the moment, you are not alone. Please take a moment to read the testimonials, and who I am. Quickly you will realize that The Red Lotus is different. Spiritually connected, I combine my clairvoyance, clairsentience, channeling, and medium abilities with my healing skills (Reiki Master, Pranic healer, Crystal and gemstone healing therapy, Advance Dowsing techniques and sound therapy). I was meant to heal, and help others to wake up to their unlimited life.
You are the designer of your life. I will only be there to provide guidance along the way.
Love and Light to you  ~ Natalie

Client's Testimonials

Natalie's readings are absolutely the best I have ever had, they are truly life changing. Through my sessions she has helped me identify the obstacles which were holding me back and not allowing my life to go in the direction I wanted. The messages and guidance I received from her really helped me understand what I needed to do to get my life back on track or get through a particular challenging time. She delivers your messages/guidance so gentle, specific and direct, all from a place of pure love and in a manner that you need to hear. Natalie is a gift to this world and I cannot express how grateful I am to have met her. Thank you, Natalie, for sharing your gift and changing my life.
Tommi, CA


I have known Natalie for several years and have found her insight very
helpful as I've worked through several life changes. She is straight-forward and knowledgeable. I highly recommend.
Walt, OR

Why is The Red Lotus Different?

Readings for Self-Awareness and Guidance

Life is a mystery, a journey that is full of bends, highs, lows, and unfamiliar paths. However, as mysterious as life may be, nature does not leave man without clues and guides to lead man to the right direction. Every person is unique and has the nature that is peculiar to them. As much as he has his unusual path, which may not be clear to him, he can get help about making the right decision during life’s crucial moments.

Quite a large number of people fail to achieve their dreams in life due to failure to receive help and guidance. However, you can achieve your goals in life effortlessly by having the mysterious codes about your life read and given to you. You would be amazed by how much you can achieve because you would be confident of your decisions and the results would be astounding. How would you feel if you can lay your hands on a chart or reading that has details of the important moments of your life and the right decision you need to make?

There are different ways you can have your supernatural codes and paths read and delivered to you, and that leads to “Psychic Reading.” The reading gives you a clear view of the future events in your life. You can get reading about you finance, dating, relationship, business, marriage, and virtually everything concerning your life.

About NAtalie

Discover your possibilities with the tarot card readings from The Red Lotus in Los Angeles, California.

Our readings and spiritual counseling will help you find your direction in life by answering questions about love, careers, and money.

Natalie realized she was clairvoyant and clairsentient at a young age when she began receiving spiritual messages. As an adult she has developed a passion for helping people and has a genuine interest in her clients.

Because she is such a caring person, people relax around her and open up, allowing her to read their energy and offer positive feedback.

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