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How long have you been doing this Nathalie? 

To answer this question on how I develop and open the Transformation Wellness Centers, is probably best that I explain a little bit of my journey. I just did not take a class and became a healer or an intuitive coach. This path for me is a passion, one that I have lived from as young as I can remember. 

I come from a family of "gifted" people; my grandmother was a medium, my mother is a reader, and I showed from a very young age abilities to connect with the non-physical world. I spent many years developing, learning and understanding this ability. I consider myself a student of life  as it is truly fascinating to me. I spent many hours and money learning various healing tools and healing methods as I believe that the ability to help people is a true blessing. 

I went through many very difficult challenges in my life, and my healing is not just about energy healing to help the physical body, but also emotional healing through the spiritual coaching.


I healed many of my devastating traumas from child abuse to health drastic issues. I wanted to show people of all walks of life, backgrounds and life circumstances that they can always get back up and create something of truth, passion, value and love. By releasing my past and my behaviors that no longer worked for me, I started teaching others how they can do the same: I watched as the weight lifted off them too!


They could see that, them too, could follow their dreams and passion! I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping others cast off their past, build better habits and behaviors, and nurture their professional and personal lives simultaneously. Too good to be true? I don’t think so, after all I did it!

Healing Sessions 

Nathalie has multiple training and certification as a healer (Reiki Master and Teacher, Pranic Healer, Crystal and Gemstone Healing, Advanced Dowsing Techniques, Shaman training and more..). During these healing sessions she uses her techniques to give the client the best healing experience. The session is truly unique. Learn more here

Coaching Session 

Read about Nathalie's journey which has been very challenging. The accomplishments she reached were not supposed to happen - so she was told, but she proved everyone wrong. She takes all of her life lessons, her training, what worked, NLP, understanding inner-demons best support her clients through this great 30-days Transformation Coaching System. You will leave her session feeling more clear with a new sense of belief that, you too, can overcome the challenges. Learn more here



Don't be afraid to allow the NEW YOU emerge.

If you are not sure what to choose, email or call the Center and explain your situation and your intention (i.e what do you want to achieve). We will be happy to make suggestions. 

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