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As a very young girl I turned toward my intuition and feelings as everything outside felt unsafe. As a result I experienced phenomenal, energetic entities around us in the spiritual realm, both positive and negative. I hold a very strong faith and high vibration. I understand the light holds power over dark, heavy, or negative energy. I know my power, and don't doubt it. Some say it is a gift, I merely know our power and keep my heart in a place of pure, love for the divine and all things good. I am grateful for Astrology as it has assisted me in my own personal healing. As a little girl I used to have so much love in my heart for all; I would constantly say prayers for people I never knew and make prayer lists for everyone I did know! Always prayers upon passing ambulance for the EMTs, as well as those injured, and their families. I would bless the animals who were sacrificed with our meal, my mother didn't appreciate that one! Interesting how when our light is rejected we also reject it, I am very grateful to be back living from my childlike heart space. In 2011-2013 I was in the middle of the tower card, if you know tarot! However that terrible time lead me to the law of attraction, then to Astrology, and eventually crystals and tarot. I realized no matter how unfair a situation was or felt, I had to find healing. Ultimately I knew I critically needed to find a way to pick up the pieces of a continuously shattering soul, add what I needed to bond it together and I then was able to stop negative thought patterns that had kept repeating as I dwelt in heavy, painful memories. Astrology is helpful in predicting catastrophic pain that life throws each of us. It also helped me understand more on a psychological layer everyone involved in this pain and trauma I endured of 2011-2014. Which helped me truly forgive, as forgiveness is imperative in my healing. I have sense taken all of my experience and knowledge with the spiritual realm and healing arts and have created my own successful spiritual practice, Divinely Genuine. I use astrology as well as tarot in my practice to help other find their authenticity and heal. These two divination tools I use for so many things.. from when to travel, move, start projects, fall in or out of love / partnership compatibility, health concerns, increase and decreases in finances....everything you can imagine! From Astrology I was intuitively led to crystals and tarot card in 2016, having no idea they were connected! The tarot is an amazing divination tool, that gives answers from Spirit, Angels, and guides as well as helps to strengthen ones intuition and psychic abilities. It is my honor to share my gifts with you in the healing and metaphysical arts.


Michelle conducts tarot card readings in person, by email, by phone or by Skype, and accepts walk-ins when she is at the Center. You can request more information on the CONTACT US page or by calling the Center at 310.697.8808.

Ideal Clients:

  • Those who have specific questions and need guidance and clarity

  • Those who are going through a challenging time in a specific area of their life

  • Those who want clarity in their life 

  • Those who are curious about their astrology



Michelle is available as follows:

  * Mondays from 4pm - 7pm

  * Fridays from 4pm - 7pm

  * Saturdays from 11am-6pm


Call the Center at 310.697.8808 for more information, for her availability or to schedule an appointment.

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