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Benefits of #Incense - The history, the reason and the benefits

In the #healing and #spiritual world, incense is a very popular thing. It connects with one of our keener sense – the sense of smell. Historians have found evidence of incense used by many ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Phoenicia, Arabia, Egypt, India, Greece and Rome. Do you remember that one of the gifts brought to baby Jesus by one of the Kings was…incense?!

A monk around 200CE first brought incense to China. During the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) stick incense was developed. Incense became so popular in Japan, that schools were created to learn how to make #incense. Japan created incense cones and introduced it to the World in the late 1800s.

What is the #scientific reasons that we can benefit from burning incense?

Our olfactory neurons are triggered when we smell something. Molecules of what we smell travel through the nose and the mucous membranes right to these neurons. When these are reached, nerve impulses are transmitted to the brain and then to our central nervous system. As such, it is highly possible that certain smells trigger physical activities. Scientists and researchers continue to actively study our smell and physical well-being is related.

But the question is: what are some of the true #benefits of #incense burning?

#Incense aid in increasing #concentration and #focus. Monks have used incenses for centuries to increase their focus during long meditations. Incenses help clear the #mind and allows for clear concentration.

Some of the best incenses are #lavender and #sage.

Botanical #

incenses are best for creating creative energy flow. The scent of the incense allows for the mind to open and allow your imagination to be set free. Incenses best for creativity are #rose, #lavender, and #ylang-ylang.

Some specific incense smoke has various antibacterial, fungicidal, and insecticidal properties that can purify the air around you. Incenses allow for positive energy to flow into the workspace and negative energy to flow out. Myrrh incense is a type of incense that increases purification.

#Dragon’s blood increases #productivity.

Reduce #Anxiety:

This is one of the most popular uses of incenses. Some scents aid is slowing heart rate and releasing muscle tension.

#Eucalyptus, #lavender, and #ylang-ylang are all powerful incenses for calming.

We carry these incenses and many more. To experience the benefits of these incense, come to The Red Lotus store to try out some of the incenses mentioned in this article! They are very affordable and there is a variety of incenses available! Mix and match to experience each one of them.

Written by Nathalie


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