If you are reading this you may be feeling lost, confused, or in need of answers. We can help. Book a session today to get clarity over your situation. However it is important for you to read "Who we are" and "Our Philosophy" to ensure that we are the right Center for you.

Anyone who is 18 or over can take advantage of our services. 

"You are the designer of your life. We will only be there to provide guidance along the way"

Nathalie - The Red Lotus

Readings can be done in person, phone or Skype. 

30 minutes tarot readings only: $55*​

45 minutes tarot readings only: $80*

60 minutes tarot readings only: $107*

*Prices may change without notice. Call the Center to confirm the latest prices.

The Red Lotus is very unique from most other spiritual and alternative healing companies. Nathalie, the owner, has provided readings internationally for over two decades, and she always had natural healing abilities. She is continually researching and improving on her healing skills by providing the clients the best method that works for them. 

At The Red Lotus we only hire people who have the same passion of helping and guiding people through spiritual guidance. Each person comes from a natural psychic ability which makes the experience more unique than anywhere else. Nathalie interviews each person carefully and knows through her spiritual guides if they are the right fit. Because of this careful and lengthy recruiting process, Nathalie makes sure that each person truly has a gift in addition of their "learned" skill.

We strongly believe that no one should be alone on their journey. For this reason, we offer a full healing and coaching/guidance services and packages. Whether you want business, life or spiritual coaching, massage or healing sessions, find a unique gift or metaphysical items, clear house and work energies to attract peace, love or money, at The Red Lotus we have it.

You must understand your self-imposed limits or your self sabotage behaviors in order to start creating a purposeful life! We also have workshops and monthly meetings to help those who want to learn some exercises to keep on their journey at home.

Life is a journey full of bends, highs, lows and unfamiliar paths, however you can choose someone at The Red Lotus to be by your side for spiritual guidance, to clear negative energies or just to teach you how to change your limiting behaviors. This is YOUR life, don't sit back and wait, start designing it! 

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The information provided during a healing or reading session, or obtained from the website "www.theredlotus.net" or in any correspondence from The Red Lotus or Nathalie should not be construed as personal medical advice or instruction. No action should be taken based solely on the contents of these communications or site. Individual should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being.
In addition, readings should be used for entertainment purpose only.

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