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Energy work is priceless. It makes every day extraordinary and transforms the mundane to the holy

S. Hartmann


I offer a wide variety of services as outlined below including an all-natural TransformNowShop store.

This is meant to provide you more information in order for you to choose the best option. I take Zelle, Venmo or Cash-app. The In-persons appointments are in my home in Menifee CA but the waiting for these appointments is longer. Sessions can also be conducted by Facetime, phone, Skype and rest assure that the quality is exactly the same.


Tarot Readings:  30-45-60 min, $65-$98-$130 respectively


  • Good if you are looking at specific areas of your life,

  • Good if you have specific questions.


  • Not recommended if you want to know about your blockages,

  • Not recommended if you want to connect to people who crossed over,

  • Not recommended for people who are on a self-discovery and healing journey.

Intuitive Coaching Sessions:  30-45-60min  for $81-121-162 respectively


  • Good if you want to connect to your Spiritual Guides,

  • Good if you want to understand your inner-blockages,

  • Good if you are looking at various options and want to obtain more clarity,

  • Great for those who are on a self-discovery or healing journey.


  • These sessions cannot be controlled. Spiritual Guides go straight to the heart,

  • Not good for yes or no questions however you can ask any questions for guidance, clarity and understanding of the best choice.


Package Sessions  for Intuitive or Coaching: $548 (instead of $648)

One hour each session for a total of 4 sessions and save $100. Can be used in a 2 people group as long as these 2 people do all 4 sessions together. Need to be used within 120 days from the purchase.


  • Good for those who are repeat clients and want to benefit from a discount.


Relationship, Life Coach or Business Coaching:  60 minutes $162

I am a certified Relationship Strategy Coach and a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner.  


  • Great for couples who want to improve their communication.

  • Great for individual who want to overcome their inner challenges.

  • Great for entrepreneurs or people who want to take control of their career.

Mediumship Sessions:  30-45-60min, $90-$135-$180 respectively

I only conduct these sessions with current clients or new clients who are referred by a current client. As such these sessions cannot be booked online until the client is confirmed. 


  • These are only to connect with those who crossed over. I cannot guarantee who will come or if everyone you want to connect with will come. Unfortunately I cannot control the non-physical world.


  • Our loved ones usually come to answer questions however they are subjective. If you want a more objective guidance, see Intuitive Coaching.


Healing Sessions:  30-50min, $78-$127 respectively - Done by distance only

These healing sessions are a combination of Reiki, Pranic Healing, Shaman Healing, Crystal and Gemstone. I have certifications in each one of these healing methods.

A short recording will be emailed after the healing session with my feedback

During your appointment, you will need to sit down or lay down in a place that is quiet and where you will not be disrupted. Turn off your phone. 

If you are looking for a session in-person, you must be a current client or be referred by a current client. 

The minimum length of an in-person session is one hour. 

Please add $20 in addition to the fee listed above. 

No clients can be seen in person unless they are a current client. This means that all clients start with a virtual session. 

Location is in Menifee. I can also travel to you within 10 miles. Mileage fee applies at $1.25 per mile.

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